Traditional Mexican Food Can be Your Reasion to Visit Mexico

Mexico is very rich is culinary tradition, majority of which exists from over hundreds or even thousand of years back. Mexico is famous for avocados, squash, jicama, tomatoes, chocolates, beans, corn, vanilla, papaya, guava, and a good variety of spices and not to forget chilli peppers. Infact chilli pepper plays a vital role in traditional Mexican food. Chilli peppers and salt were and are so important for the people of Mexicans, and it is evident from the fasts which condemn eating these when you are fasting. Mescal (a strong pale liquor), Tequila and Margarita (made from tequila, citrus liquor and limejuice) are the main traditional Mexican beverages.

The alcoholic beverages octli or pulgue is made today in the way it used to be made earlier from Maguey plant. The Mexican food constitutes an integral part in parties, festivals, rituals or any personal celebration. One of the main meals is Comida and the time and work that makes it approaches this dish with relish and of course respect. Comida is often served with fresh homemade fruit juice. The main meals initially go with soup course called sopa aguada followed by either pasta or the rice preparation called as sopa seca and finally the main dish following is the chicken, beef dish or pork best served with the beans. Bugs, grasshoppers and maguey worms were eaten by the Aztec people and are eaten even today.

There are three traditional Mexican sauces or dips which are famous worldwide. These are Salsa (uncooked mixture of tomatoes, chili and onion), Guacamole (made from mashed avocado and spicy) and Mole (dark brown sauce generally served hot with meat). Tamales which is a type of corn cake served with tomatoes still survive s till date.

The Mexican staple, the Tortilla are among those dishes which are prepared today in the same fashion they were traditionally made. But some additions to traditional food include chicken, cheese, garlic, pork and beef, onions and rice. They were added in the typical Aztec cuisine. Today, traditional food of Mexico is prepared in the same way as earlier; the only thing that has changed is that it is served with different meats. Not only the food is modified but the cooking style has also changed like use of above ground oven recently. You can also find the traditional Acocil tacos in some Mexican restaurants. Also the Nopal cactus is still used in many dishes.

Real Mexican food is altogether very different from those found in the Tex-Mex or even Mexican restaurants of the countries other than Mexico itself. If you want to have a taste for adventure, Mexico provides it all. You will be well rewarded with dishes with the standards higher than the other dishes resembling it provided that you try something other than usual excellent traditional dishes. Traditional Mexican cuisine has superb and spicy dishes that suit all. Well, it is surprising for most of the people but this is the tradition that the traditional Mexican food is served in the banana leaf, which is the favorite way of presenting the delicious food by the Mexicans.

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