Understanding an Excessive Facial Sweating Problem

Unusually excessive sweating on the face is termed as facial hyperhidrosis in medical terminology and the person affected by this health malady continues to sweat profusely, and unpredictably, irrespective of the physical activity being performed. People suffering from hyperhidrosis may continue to sweat even when it’s very cold. Often, the sweat covers the whole face and the scalp and may result to having a soaked collar or wet shirt.

It’s not difficult to appreciate the dilemma of those with facial hyperhidrosis, all the more so in case of females. Women facing this malady just can’t afford to wear any facial makeup for fear of its running down right from their face down to the neck.

This problem of excessive sweating of the face is not caused by being overweight. The most common cause for this malady is having hyperactive sweating glands. It may also lead to having facial blushing or be the cause of having a very red face. At times, the sufferer may get too embarrassed or become inactive socially, if facial sweating becomes too prominent to be ignored. It leaves little doubt that such people draw unwanted and not so pleasant looks from others on the street or at the workplace, adding to their embarrassment.

Excessive sweating on face can impede social life of the affected person. It may even affect the career of an otherwise good worker or professional. That’s what makes it all the more important and desirable to take some remedial measures for tackling this problem. Ideally one should visit a physician and seek medical advice. There are medicines available that help preventing excessive sweating of the face and thus provide relief to the sufferer. The physician can suggest some surgical treatment too for overcoming this problem.

Another way of getting rid of excessive sweating of the face is to go for treatment thru acupuncture. This traditional Chinese treatment is known to cause a relaxing effect by stimulating the body and thus reducing stress. Stress is also known to cause panic attacks that could activate sweating glands to prompt excessive sweating.

Another very simple and practical solution of tackling continuous sweating is to apply a thin layer of talcum on the face. It soaks the oozing sweat and provides relief for sometime. Else, one can use tissues for wiping face more frequently.

There are some homemade remedies also that prove effective for some sufferers of this malady. Some people find it relieving to use lemon on face. Simply slice the lemon and rub it on the face directly. Some find it helpful to consume apple cider vinegar. They suggest regular consumption of a spoonful of apple cider vinegar and claim that positive effects are noticeable after continued consumption of a couple of weeks.

If left untreated for long facial hyperhidrosis may become a permanent feature of some people. That makes it imperative to visit your physician, should you be facing this problem. If the other measures that you tried failed to provide relief, the doctor can suggest and take surgical measures enabling your getting rid of this problem. However, surgical treatment is rather expensive.

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