Living Together

Moving in with a partner and living together is something that people do not tend to think about. When things do not run smoothly it can cause problems in your relationship. Fixing things later can also raise questions from your partner. Here are some items that you need to think through

Your partner and you should think about money and how you are going to pay the bills. Who is going to be in charge of paying the bills? Will you both pay equal shares? Will you each pay from your own accounts or will you have a joint account that you both pay money into?

Although most people think that moving in together means sleeping in the same bed, this does not have to be the case. You can decide to sleep in the same bed as your partner or different beds. Different bedrooms could also be an option.

One partner will need more personal space than the other. Make sure that you both have somewhere to go to be alone and do not spend every waking moment together. Too much time together can give feelings of being smothered and overwhelmed. You do not have to watch TV together and you each need some activity that does not involve the other.

You will never realise the cleaning habits of your partner until you start to live together. Before you move in together, you need to be aware of who keeps things clean and who does not. Some agreement might need to be made to make sure that both your partner and you pulls their weight. An easy way to do thing is to agree on who does what jobs.

Living together demands more privacy and trust. Your partner needs to have the right to privacy without you feeling like you can not trust them. There will be some things that your partner does not want to share with you and you need to trust them that those things will not offend you if you found out.

When you move in, you will need to buy some furniture that is to both your partners and your liking. Also, you will need to agree on what will happen to these types of items if you did split apart later in the future.

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