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  • She is more interested in her cell phone than you
  • You can not access her cell phone or computer
  • There is odd computer or cell phone activity
  • There is no browser history on her computer
  • There are some phone calls she never takes when you are around
  • There are strange numbers on her cell phone
  • She uses her cell phone much less than she used to, and her friends have a different cell phone number for her
  • She has a second cell phone
  • She has “single” on her social media profiles
  • She does not call you often
  • The same guys like and comment on her photos on social media
  • She has updated her profile on a dating site
  • She hides the computer screen when you are nearby
  • She is hard to contact when out of the house
  • She seems rushed when you contact her, but relaxed when she contacts you.


  • She has started buying more clothes than she used to
  • You never see her wearing her sexiest clothes
  • Her sexiest clothes are in the washing pile when you do not see her wearing them
  • She starts caring more about her appearance, especially when she is going out without you.
  • Her use of perfume changes


  • She does not have anything to do with your family
  • She does not have anything to do with your friends
  • She is always busy doing something without you
  • She is always too busy to do something with you
  • You are spending less time together
  • She wants to know where you are when she is not with you
  • You do not know where she is, when she is not with you
  • She encourages you to spend time socialising with other people
  • She is always unavailable at night time
  • She often goes to bars without you for a girls night out
  • She is still friends with ex-boyfriends
  • She socialises with many guys
  • She mentions a “new friend” that you never meet


  • She stops paying attention to you
  • She does not care about you and the things that you do as much as she used to
  • She starts to nag you more that she did in the past
  • She avoids questions and replies in a defensive manner
  • She does not seem happy when she is around you
  • You have less of an emotional connection with her
  • Conversations with her seem strained and contrived
  • She is more argumentative and critical for no reason


  • She has sex with you less than she used to
  • She takes a shower straight away when arriving home
  • She does not talk about her love for you any more
  • She flirts with other guys
  • Her eyes often drift to other guys
  • You are told she is cheating
  • You are shown photos of her with another guy
  • She no longer tells you about her day
  • She does not talk about plans for the future with you
  • She tries to make you jealous in order to get your attention
  • She starts new interests or hobbies that you did not expect
  • She leaves earlier or arrives home later than she used to
  • She gets called into work at odd times or works late
  • She goes on many business trips


  • She smells like a guy
  • She comes home with a guys shirt on that is not yours
  • Her friends get your name wrong
  • Your feelings tell you that she is being unfaithful
  • You have enough time without her to read internet pages like this one
  • You start looking online for signs of a cheating girlfriend


What do you think? Do you know of other possible signs?

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Reply To: Food

When people think about nonverbal communication, they think body language. There is more to nonverbal communication than just body language. One often missed form of nonverbal communication is diet.

A person’s diet can say a lot about who they are, where they are from as well as providing clues to some of their personality traits.


Culture can be shown in two ways:

  • How someone is eating
  • What someone is eating

People often believe that how someone eats only tells you where they are from. That someone who grew up in Asia may be more likely to eat with chopsticks than a knife and fork. In this modern age it is not that simple with most people using what is provided.

What you can tell instead is what general culture someone has been exposed to. Proficient use of chopsticks at an Asian restaurant for example tells you that the person has been exposed to Asian food before. This may mean that the person has:

  • Travelled
  • Eaten at Asian food a lot
  • Been taught by an Asian friend

This all tells you that the person is open to new cultures.

How someone uses a knife and fork also tells you a lot. This goes beyond their ability to use a knife and fork in the manner a queen would. Take for instance what someone is placing on their fork each time. When presented with two separate elements on the same plate, some people will eat each element separately, while others will mix things together.

This could be assumed as follows:

  • Eating one thing at a time - They like to approach things in a methodical fashion.
  • Different combinations on fork each time - They like to explore different flavour combinations.
  • Eating favourite element first - Often seen in larger families where you might not get any if you are not in quick.
  • Eating favourite element last - They like to be rewarded at the end.

Food personalities

There are two main personalities people have when it comes to food:

  • Live to eat
  • Eat to live

Someone who has a live to eat mentality will tend to frequent new eating establishments, try new food and be willing to pay for something a bit more. This may (but not always) indicate that a person is more social, adventurous or becomes bored easily when eating the same thing. When meeting one of these people, it would be best to go to somewhere new and give them a new experience.

When someone has an eat to live mentality they are less focused on enjoying food experiences. This does not mean they they are poor. It just means that they have something else they would rather focus their attention. It could be anything from the conversation that occurs over food, or some task they would rather get back to. It may simply be that they are not very adventurous when it comes to food. When meeting people who eat to live, it is best to meet them somewhere with familiar food. They will most likely go for something simple and familiar, with new and foreign food causing an unwanted decision.


Although this post will not go in-depth into food and beliefs, it is possible to work out some peoples beliefs given enough time. This can be identifying what food people eat, what food they do not or in some cases, when they eat certain foods. This may help you ensure you cater for someone’s beliefs, without having to ask them what their beliefs are.

What are your experiences?

Do you have something interesting to add, or do you disagree? Add your view below.

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