60 signs your girlfriend is cheating


  • She is more interested in her cell phone than you
  • You can not access her cell phone or computer
  • There is odd computer or cell phone activity
  • There is no browser history on her computer
  • There are some phone calls she never takes when you are around
  • There are strange numbers on her cell phone
  • She uses her cell phone much less than she used to, and her friends have a different cell phone number for her
  • She has a second cell phone
  • She has “single” on her social media profiles
  • She does not call you often
  • The same guys like and comment on her photos on social media
  • She has updated her profile on a dating site
  • She hides the computer screen when you are nearby
  • She is hard to contact when out of the house
  • She seems rushed when you contact her, but relaxed when she contacts you.


  • She has started buying more clothes than she used to
  • You never see her wearing her sexiest clothes
  • Her sexiest clothes are in the washing pile when you do not see her wearing them
  • She starts caring more about her appearance, especially when she is going out without you.
  • Her use of perfume changes


  • She does not have anything to do with your family
  • She does not have anything to do with your friends
  • She is always busy doing something without you
  • She is always too busy to do something with you
  • You are spending less time together
  • She wants to know where you are when she is not with you
  • You do not know where she is, when she is not with you
  • She encourages you to spend time socialising with other people
  • She is always unavailable at night time
  • She often goes to bars without you for a girls night out
  • She is still friends with ex-boyfriends
  • She socialises with many guys
  • She mentions a “new friend” that you never meet


  • She stops paying attention to you
  • She does not care about you and the things that you do as much as she used to
  • She starts to nag you more that she did in the past
  • She avoids questions and replies in a defensive manner
  • She does not seem happy when she is around you
  • You have less of an emotional connection with her
  • Conversations with her seem strained and contrived
  • She is more argumentative and critical for no reason


  • She has sex with you less than she used to
  • She takes a shower straight away when arriving home
  • She does not talk about her love for you any more
  • She flirts with other guys
  • Her eyes often drift to other guys
  • You are told she is cheating
  • You are shown photos of her with another guy
  • She no longer tells you about her day
  • She does not talk about plans for the future with you
  • She tries to make you jealous in order to get your attention
  • She starts new interests or hobbies that you did not expect
  • She leaves earlier or arrives home later than she used to
  • She gets called into work at odd times or works late
  • She goes on many business trips


  • She smells like a guy
  • She comes home with a guys shirt on that is not yours
  • Her friends get your name wrong
  • Your feelings tell you that she is being unfaithful
  • You have enough time without her to read internet pages like this one
  • You start looking online for signs of a cheating girlfriend


What do you think? Do you know of other possible signs?

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