Content is not King

It seems that one of the phrases that webmasters use the most is that "Content is King". One site in particular states "Let's face it, information [Content] rules the Information Superhighway we call the Internet". The site that this quote was taken from had so many advertisements that it made the page hard to read and at times visitors had to scroll down 2 pages just to see the "information".

Here are a few issues that I have with the statement that "Content is King":

  • If there are no links to your site and no-one knows about it, no-one can visit your site.

  • If your site takes too long to load, no-one with dial up Internet or a mobile phone will visit it.

  • If your site is too hard to navigate, people will leave your site straight away.

  • How can "Text Based Content be king" when most people hate to read for long periods on the computer?

  • How can "Non-Text Based Content be king" when search engines can not see it?

  • Not all "Content could be King", as it needs to be worthwhile first.

Content is not King, but one of the 3 wise men.

The 3 wise men

There are 3 aspects that you need to cover for a website or any business venture. The 3 wise men (or aspects) are:

  • Morally correct Marketing

    • People need to know about your site (but not from bad press)

  • Usability

    • People need to be able to use your site.

      • Can blind people use your site (and click the advertisements if needed)

      • Can people with a lower literacy rate use your site?

      • Should people who can not read English be able to use your site?

    • What is your Web hosts uptime like?

  • Content

    • What is your site for or providing

Just remember that if one of the 3 wise men (Marketing, Usability, Content) is not applied to your site... Its your loss

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