Finding article ideas

It has happened to us all, we have gone to write something and we draw a blank. We have nothing to write about and writers block sets in. Well to help it stop happening to me, I have compiled a list of items that will help spur on writers. 

Write down all ideas
Buy yourself a notebook and write down all your ideas in it. The best ideas will strike in the shower and during the night. Use these ideas when you can not think of anything.
Visit forums and blogs that interest you. Often you will find people in forums and blogs openly asking for directions to "how to" articles and other helpful guides.
Read the newspaper
Often you will find items of interest in the newspaper and other media that you could elaborate on or dispute in your article.
Write down all ideas that come into your head.
Look over past work
What have you done well in the past and what has been the most popular?
Chat rooms
Go off to chatrooms that you are interested in and see what the current topics are. 
Ask your friends and work mates for ideas.
Surf the Internet
Look through random websites in your area and you might find something you have not thought of before.
Questions from readers
Questions that your get on a regular basis can be a great source of new ideas and topics
What you enjoy doing
Look out for things that you enjoy doing as it will make writing about them much easier.
Your job
What have you learn from you job that you could share?
Walk around
Walk around and look out for for things that have an emotional attachment for you (or provoke anger)
Do something else
Often by doing something else for a while, a topic will come to you.
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