Importance of forum signature links

When you write a post to a message board, bulletin board or forum, most good systems allow you to have a signature on your every one of your posts. You can write a question, or answer a question on the forum and your signature appears just below what you added to the conversation.

There is one thing different about links in your forum signatures that sets them apart from links on other sites. It is not:

  • Directly related to how the search engine sees the link
  • The size of the link
  • The text of the link

or any other linking technique. It comes down to the fact that forum signature links are editable.

Editable forum links

Some of us have used forums a lot, with thousands of posts around the place, often on less than 5 forums. With good forums, the option to edit your forum signature is given and you can update the URL in your signature when you want. This give you a lot of search engine ranking power.

Setting up new site

When you are setting up a brand new site, you will have no links to your domain. By changing all your forum signatures to point to your new domain, you are giving your new site a lot of new publicity and it will help a lot.

Preventing Page not Found problems

If you decided to chance your site around, you might break link from other pages. Make sure you edit your forum signatures to reflect the changes.

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