3 Common Dating Mistakes Men Make

Some dating sites would have you believe that you can get any girl you want. That after buying their book, you will have women falling into your arms. Although this is not entirely true, there are quite a few things that you can do to improve your chances with a date. Here are 3 to start you off.

Acting needy

One element that women like in men is where the man appears as if he does NOT need a woman. There are many actions that a man can do to show people that he needs a woman:

  • Buy women drinks in bars

  • Buy women gifts, cars or even vacations.

  • Constantly being around a particular lady

  • Not appearing self-sufficient

None of these will get you very far, unless you are trying to show her that she can use you for your money with nothing in return. Instead you need to make it look like you do things your way:

  • If you are dating a girl, you should not see her every night of the week.

  • You do not need to go to every social event just because a girl you like will be there.

  • Tell her that you will need to move the dinner date to another night if something more important comes up.

  • Don't ask her where she would like to go on a date first. If you have to ask her, state where you would like to go first.

Being a nice guy

There is a distinct difference between being a friend of a girl and being her partner. On your first and successive dates, you do not want to let her think that you would be better as a friend.

  • Don't make any of your mates sound better than you

  • Don't try and solve her problems, and if possible, keep her away from that topic entirely

  • Don't talk about ex-partners or tell her about any of your problems

In addition to this, you want her to think that you are someone she wants to be around all the time. This means that you need to have fun with her. Dinner dates are more romantic than fun, so leave these until latter. Instead try doing something active like bowling or mini golf.

The other really important thing to remember is that you should be the one making the decisions and moving things along. It is up to you to deicide what to do on the date and when, not her. This is also true when it comes down to kissing as well. More often than not, the guy will lean in for the kiss first, or make the first skin contact with his hands.

Talking about yourself

When it comes does to it, women are known for talking. They seem to enjoy it and knowing the latest piece of gossip seems to be in their nature. This is why you should get her talking about herself. Don't talk about yourself for very long at all.

Be careful that you do not end up asking question after question as this can seem odd after a while. Express interest or even just some form of emotion in something she has just mentioned instead of directly asking her to tell you more.

There is also a bonus gained from getting the girl to do the most talking... You do not tell them as much about yourself and you can stay a mysterious character. Women love mystery like this and will try to learn more about you. Mystery is an underestimated draw card.

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