Romantic Body Language

Holding gaze - This is where you look into someone’s eyes while they look into yours. Ensure that they have a smile on their face.

Touching - Touching the other person without them pulling away, while they have a pleasant look on their face. Best to start with safe places, such as the back or the hands or arms, or by brushing or bumping against him or her.

Leaning in - Leaning towards the other person while being engaged in what they are saying or doing.

Facing them – Although facing the person is not primarily romantic body language, it is a method of engaging with them. If your body is tilted away from them it might seem like you are looking forward for the conversation to end.

Paying attention – This should be simple, but can be missed. Looking at your cell-phone or doing anything that prevents you from looking at them is negative body language.

Stroking – If a person is looking at your while stroking their legs, arms, face or hair, this is an indicate that they might want you both to touch in that manner.

Looking at you from afar - A person looking at you from afar, for longer than usual may indicate a romantic interest. If the person looks back at you again this idea is strengthen.

Licking lips – If a person is looking at you while licking or pursing their lips into a kiss shape, this indicates they might be wanting to kiss you in some manner. This may also involve objects such as wine glasses.

Preening – This includes tossing of hair, touching hair, brushing clothes, polishing glasses. Generally anything that might mean they are making themselves look good for you.

Body displays – Exposing, thrusting, wiggling or accentuating their body in any manner is an attempt to get sexual attention. This includes arms, legs and crotch for guys and breasts, neck, bottom, legs and feet for women.

Mirroring – This is when the person copies what you are doing or your pose. This indicates their awareness of you.

Body scanning – This is where a person looks up and down a person’s body. This shows interest in how they look. This is emphasised when they let you catch them looking at your body.

The 2 foot rule – When someone is within 2 feet of you, they are within your personal space; this indicates a willingness to risk the chance of physical contact. This is a good time to brush against them.

Evaluating responses – This involves the person making slow but steady advancements in their romantic body language while watching your response. This allows them to determine if you feel the same way.

Laughing – Laughing a lot is quite a strong romantic sign, especially if what they are laughing at was not really that funny. Girls can get a giggle that indicates a flirty mood.

Talking – When they are talking a lot when they are around you it is a good sign. People like to talk about themselves, and although this is not always romantic, it can be a sign.

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