How to kiss

Be prepared to give your partner their best thrill ever with your best casual kiss. 'Casual' in your case means plenty of preparation before hand so you don't have to worry and can concentrate on making it look casual. If you prepare for it correctly, nature is on your side and will cause an explosion of head-spinning brain chemicals to instantly surge through your partner. With the appropriate pre-planning, correct environment and body language you are bound to succeed with your 'casual' kiss and make it turn out fantastic!

Kissing is a physical activity that affects both the old brain limbic system and the new brain cerebral cortex. The old brain is where heart rate, breathing, perspiration and many other bodily functions are controlled. Most of these functions are devoted to survival and sex. This old brain center is revved-up by a kiss and starts unconscious preparations for the body to have sex. (Unless this is a goodbye kiss tossed at your grandparent!)

A kiss most likely causes the female new brain cognitive centers to think about the romantic beauty of the moment and significance of the relationship at this point. The male new brain is most likely thinking about how good the female would look and feel naked!

How to prepare for the 'casual' sweet kiss

A healthy, clean body is very stimulating and that requires careful and serious on-going maintenance. No junk food, no cigarettes and plenty of good drinking water daily are essential for a good tasting mouth for both you and your partner. Of course dental hygiene (flossing, brushing and dentist visits) is important, as well as skin and hair care to ensure stimulation for the eyes too.

What the woman wants

The female brain and body are turned-on by a beautiful environment and relationship. Romance over a period of time is a very important part of the preparation for the perfect kiss. The proper romantic lead-in to that moment of contact fills her hormone tanks to the brim. When the actual kiss does come, all her tanks empty in an instant and pour powerful brain chemicals into her blood stream. These chemicals trigger off huge changes in all areas of her body preparing her for her biological destiny. It is only her new brain cerebral cortex with its power of rational thought that keeps her passion under control.

What the man wants

At the same time, most healthy men are picturing in their mind how she would look and feel naked.

Body language that facilitates the kiss

Most often the kiss is done without any negotiation or discussion on the subject ahead of time. If you have to discuss how to do it then it is 'research' and not for fun. Nearly all the communication is done with body language. Also there may be a question as to who should initiate the kiss and that depends on the culture, training and beliefs of the partners involved. In most situations the man is the pursuer and the woman is watching him carefully while deciding to allow or stop his advances into her space and/or body.

The clearest signal to send when ready to kiss is to get in position. That means, be facing closer than normal while looking into your partner's eyes. Start the move with a soft, caring look on your face, then touch hands or hug upper body and watch for a receptive response. This is especially important: Watch your partner carefully for mirroring moves that match yours. If he or she is moving away, FORGET IT for now. But if all seems welcome, move your face slowly forward and look softly into your partner's eyes. As you slowly (and romantically) move in, aim your lips for their lips, with a little head turn to avoid a nose crash.

Close your eyes before your lips meet (this is an art form), relax your body (Soft bodies feel really nice!) and breathe. Your breath will be filled with pheromones and will stimulate your partner even more. Soft, sensual lip texture is important so relax them and let them even slidea little and even nibble on your partner's, but don't get too wet and slobbery.

The first kiss is really a test run to see if it is going to be fun and if more kissing is welcome. With a little practice (a lot of practice is more fun!) you may enjoy spending longer periods exploring your partner's mouth and face, or even other soft body parts. (Ear lobes are a delicacy but watch out for the hardware.)

Touching or caressing your partner's head, hair and back is a nice bonus for you both. The brain chemicals by now have greatly increased the sensitivity in all parts of the body. Just about any touching feels really good but watch for signs of welcome first. Some people even get pleasure from slaps and rough treatment that normally cause pain. However, don't try the rough stuff without a complete understanding of what is acceptable and desired! This you need to talk about.

What follows the kissing?

Kissing for females is not only great fun for the body but also it stimulates the mind with an increased feeling of emotional and physical closeness. This fits nicely with the female's DNA need for creation of a family and protection for her and offspring. For most women, kissing is the most stimulating physical activity short of intercourse. In the mean time the man is still thinking about how she would look and feel naked. To most men, kissing is upper persuasion for a lower invasion.

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