How to double kick fast on drums

Having trouble finding and maintaining speed in your double-kicking? Here's a list of methods and techniques to improve speed.


  1. Tension your kick pedals so that they give lots of response and spring, but not too tight that you can't push them down.
  2. Try playing with both your heels up (ie. using the ball of your foot to kick down on the pedal, and using your calf muscles).
  3. Try playing with your heels down (ie. using your ankle to kick down on the pedal, and using your hamstring).
  4. Find the best or easiest and most effective method of these for you.
  5. or you can start whereevery you are sitting right now and try this.
  6. lay your right foot flat on the floor
  7. raise the front of your foot off of the ground
  8. raise your foot in that position off of the ground and back down
  9. when your heel hits the floor roll the front half of your foot down until its flat on the ground also
  10. continue rolling your foot until the heel of your foot is off of the ground
  11. lift the front part of your foot off of the ground and back down
  12. when your toes hit the floor roll back until your foot is float on the floor and repeat from number 7.
  13. you are basically rolling your foot from front to back and lifting it up when you get to either side.


  • Listen to death metal music, it is full of double kicking.
  • Listen to Dave Mackintosh's (Dragonforce) kicking-his kicks are always perfect.
  • Try to find a tension in your bass pedals that gives the most response without being too hard to push down.
  • Start slowly, about 120 bpm, and gradually build up.


  • Always stretch your hamstrings, calves, quads, groin and rotate your ankles before playing double kicks on drums. This will prevent pulling muscles, cramping or tearing ligaments.
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