Getting a womans phone number

We all fear rejection and this is why some find it difficult to request a woman's phone number. Asking for it simply means: “I want to meet you again”. Should she say no, there will be other chances with other women. If she says yes, you have a lot to gain.

However, considering how and when you do it will improve your chance of success.

Wait for the right moment

Blurting out “Can I have your number?” at the start of a conversation will usually make you seem desperate. Make sure that before popping the question you have given her your full attention over a period of time, made her laugh and perhaps initiated some light-hearted flirting. After this, wait until one of two things happen:

  • One of you have to leave.

  • The topic of meeting again has been brought up by you or, better yet, her.

Appear confident

You are already past the worst part; you got her to talk to you. Chances are that by this point she will actually want to meet you again and all you have to do is utter the words. How can you appear more confident than you feel?

  • Push your shoulders back and hold your head high.

  • Keep eye contact.

  • Smile!

Choose your wording


All women love to feel special and wanted, so how you word your question might be of great importance. You can also opt for not asking at all, but simply telling her to give it to you. Here's some ideas that you may wish to steal:

  • I have had such a great time talking to you. Will you give me your number?”

  • I really want to see you again. Please write down your number for me.”

  • You're really cool, we gotta do this again. Let's swap numbers.”


Leave something to be desired


Meeting a woman by chance and catching her interest can be compared to a first date. You want to leave her in anticipation and eager for more and keeping some things to yourself will be helpful. Maybe you have planned out the perfect date already and know that you will call her about it on Wednesday, but don't tell her. Uncertainty about what is going to happen will get her thinking about you.


Be honest!


Keep in mind that when a woman gives you her number she will feel just as vulnerable as you did when you asked for it. She is basically saying: “I really like you and hope that you will call me.” Don't collect phone numbers, only ask if you really wish to see her again and intend on calling within a reasonable amount of time.


Your sincerity will shine through and further increase your chances of success.

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