How not to flirt

Flirting can serve many purposes in every day life, such as showing romantic and sexual interest or engaging an acquaintance in a light form of communication. Children learn early on how to flirt subtly and acquire positive feedback from those around them.

A smile, a look and some light touching is often all it takes to catch someone's interest, so there is no reason to overdo it. Women in particular are often approached in a less than flattering way and if you really want to get someone's attention you should avoid the more extreme methods.

The Holler

Shouting “Hey baby!” at someone while driving past them in a car is not as becoming as you may think. While your friends might laugh and you have been noticed, the man or woman being screamed at will in most cases feel offended. Try to hold it in, you don't know if you might meet the person walking down the street again and in a more appropriate setting. Any attention is not better than no attention.

The Grope

There are probably many attractive people with sexy parts you wouldn't mind touching moving around the world. There is nothing wrong with feeling this way and even fantasizing about doing so, but keep your hands to yourself! Chances are that the person who owns the butt you wish to grab does not actually want to be touched by you. There is a time and place for everything and if you start off with an unwelcome grope, you will probably never get any further. Showing respect for people's physical and emotional boundaries is very important if you wish to flirt successfully.

The Pick-Up Line

We have all heard the urban myth about the time a pick-up line actually worked. Don't chance it, though. In most cases and by most people pick-up lines are considered lame. It can be a little intimidating to express your interest in someone with words and a rehearsed comment is less scary. If they turn you down, it was just a joke, right? However, saying “Pardon me, but are you a screamer or a moaner?” to a potential partner will most likely make sure you never find out. Why not go for a simple “Hello”?

The Overblown Romantic Gesture

Romance is great, but it is generally best suited from the first date and onwards. Overblown gestures might make your potential someone feel uncomfortable and out of place. Keep romance personal and on a small scale, and your chances of charming instead of scaring away will enhance greatly.

The Jitters

Successful flirting is all about keeping your cool. If the thought of approaching someone romantically brings out your childhood stutter and makes you sweat excessively, you may want to reconsider your attitude towards it. Remember that flirting is meant to be a casual form of communication, it can be everything from a little smile to a well-thought out compliment. Find your comfort zone instead of coming off as nervous and jittery.

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