Where to flirt

Dr. Jeff Gardere, host of the New York radio show Conversations with Dr. Jeff, says that almost any place is a good place to flirt. From grocery stores to laundromats to the post office, there is a range of options. "Church is an excellent place for flirting, absolutely the best place," he says. "You're there to celebrate life and the praising of the Lord, so what better place to open yourself to someone else. I recommend it to all my clients. I tell them 'Go to church if you want to find a good woman.'"

But the radio show host warns against office flirtation. "Flirting in the office can be dangerous, and therefore it must be very innocent, more complimentary than anything else," he says. "But anything else and anywhere else is fair game .

Everyday situations offer freedom from the pressures of formal dating. "I think if you're at the park, at the cleaners or at the mall" Toya Dixon says, "those are the best times to meet and flirt. It's casual and it's a great time to be friendly with no preconceived motives or hidden agendas."

Other venues that are conducive to flirting are social conferences, cultural events, concerts, after-work affairs, picnics, museums, libraries and business and professional conferences. Places such as airports, casinos, train stations, fitness centers, jogging paths, and parks are perfect spots for flirtation. And according to some Sisters, home improvement stores and car washes are prime locations for flirting with men.

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