Flirting and marriage

Although single people are engaged in the flirting game, there is a fierce debate regarding whether married people should participate. Some experts say that flirting with other people is a necessary component of a healthy relationship. But others consider flirting while married synonymous with cheating.

Flirting with other people when you're married is okay," says Dr. Gardere, the author and radio host. "Flirting is a healthy thing because instead of keeping your sexuality caged up inside where it may be expressed in dangerous ways or extramarital affairs, it allows you to make someone else feel good and it makes you feel good. I encourage married people to flirt as long as they keep it at the flirtation stage."

But Dixon, a single executive, and many others strongly disagree. "If you're married, flirtation is an affair. Lust is an emotion, not an action. It's right up there with adultery. Being unfaithful includes anything that you wouldn't do in front of your spouse," she says. "So instead of flirting with someone else, you should flirt with your spouse. They'll love it."

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