10 signs your girlfriend is cheating

It can be a big surprise and a huge shock when you realise that your girlfriend has been cheating on you. Most guys are caught completely by surprise when they discover that their partner is involved in an extramarital affair. When guys are aware that their relationship is not satisfying, in trouble or if they can admit they suspect infidelity, the reality that their partner was cheating is usually too much to bear.

The thought of a girlfriend cheating can be painful and depressing, so most will overlook obvious signs of cheating. Once infidelity is recognised, nearly all people experience anger at their ignorance in not recognising the possible signs of a unfaithful partner.

When your relationship is not as strong as it has been in the past, and you do not feel your girlfriend values you as much as she once did, you should make the 10 signs of a cheating girlfriend familiar to you.

  • She does not tell you all about her day and she seems more distant and closed off.

  • Your girlfriend has a sudden renewed interest in her appearance such as new and different clothing, hairstyle or weightless.

  • She starts to take up new interested that are out of character for her.

  • Your girlfriend changes her schedule. She may start earlier, end later or have new requirements such as dinners and late meetings.

  • She closes program windows on the computer as soon as your are near.

  • Your girlfriend starts to leave the room to take calls from her cellphone.

  • She starts to use or changes her use of perfume.

  • Your girlfriend starts a new habit of showering when she comes home.

  • She has recently become more argumentative or critical and has no obvious cause such as financial, work or her health.

  • Your girlfriend provides abnormally vague reasons for being late.

  • She becomes evasive when you ask about her where she was and what she did during the day.

Just one of these signs alone may be no cause for alarm, but more than 3 in a short period of time may indicate that she could be involved in an extramarital affair. This just means you should share any concerns with your partner and talk about what the relationship may be lacking. Relationships that are healthy, strong and satisfying will not be at risk from infidelity.

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