Signs you're a bad kisser

If there's one thing that's more irritating than anything else, it is to be with a gorgeous guy who turns out to be a lousy kisser. Kissing is not something that is taught - though practice does make perfect... but you either love it or you don't. Some guys slobber a lot and some guys are into dry kisses. Time out, for them. Guys, if she doesn't enjoy kissing you, you can forget any intimacy.

The bad kisser usually goes under the mistaken impression that if some women have actually put up with his kiss, so should every woman he kisses! And worse still, he will assume that an excess of everything works! Aggressive, lots of saliva, and lots of tongue play. Then there is the opposite type of guy who will not take the first step, nor will he show any participation.

So, guys, how can you tell that you are a terrible kisser? Here are some pointers:

  • If you're the sort who knocks your teeth against hers constantly, it hurts quite a bit. And you can bet she will be dreading the thought of you handling the rest of her.

  • If you pour saliva into her mouth, she is definitely not going to find it sexy, she's going to hate it. Remember the wetness belongs elsewhere!

  • If you tend to keep exploring the insides of her mouth with your tongue, you're going to remind her of her last trip to the dentist - and I can tell you that thought has no place in this situation.

  • If you are the awfully boring type who makes it a routine to smack your lips, open your mouth, and rapidly enter and exit your partner's mouth with your tongue - she's not going to enjoy it.

  • If you lock your mouth with hers, pour saliva into her mouth and gag her with your tongue - she's going to be struggling for her breath - for survival, not pleasure.

  • The grossest of all bad kissers is the one with bad oral hygiene! You can just take it for granted that no woman will savor being kissed by a guy with bad breath. And if he happens to be the wet sort to kisser, ugh!

When a woman never initiates the kissing, you can be sure that you are a bad kisser, as far as she is concerned. Women are affectionate creatures and they like to show it - and if you are a good kisser, she will tell you. If you are a bad kisser, she'll avoid you! Some women are good-natured enough to show you how to kiss, some will gently ask you whether you've kissed anyone before.

These are indications that you are a bad kisser. Some women will diplomatically avoid kissing you and go for the other areas, but this is quite rare, since the general contention is - good kissers usually make good lovers. The moral of this story is, you must not lose heart if you are a bad kisser. You can be trained. Practice. Be open-minded and learn.

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