Asking her out for a coffee date

Most men give women the impression that all they want is a physical relationship. In some instances this could be true. However, this can really put a woman off because it looks like he is expecting way too much too soon in the relationship. This is the best way to make the woman lose interest.

Now, the fact is, women do like a man who is quite casually friendly initially without revealing too much information about himself. There's something definitely interesting about not knowing what will come next, since it makes for a naturally spontaneous meeting. When he comes on too strong at times it can grate on the nerves of the woman.

The Approach

So how can he approach her? The classic coffee date never fails. The best way is, when he meets her, tells her that he finds her interesting and would like to get to know her better, and would she like to go out for a casual coffee. This is such an innocuous suggestion that she wont think of saying no. The reason is, she feels nice about his attention and sees no harm in having coffee in a public place. She's curious to know what comes next.

It definitely doesn't look like he's coming on to her for a relationship, since he didn't ask her out for dinner. Since there's an element of mystery about what sort of person he might turn out to be, she will be ready to meet him for that cup of coffee. The happy part is there don't seem any expectations in the relationship at this point, hence there's no tension associated with it.

Of course, that's not to say a casual coffee date wont lead to something more. But let me tell you, every thing else being mutually okay, he can be pretty sure that she wont find the 'something more' unwelcome. Moreover, the man must not attempt to kiss her or make any physical contact after the coffee date, unless she invites it.

The best part about a coffee date is that she will be relaxed and open to conversation. This sort of comfort, being together will definitely put her at ease in his company. If anything more is to develop in this relationship, a coffee date is the best starting point. Even if the guy feels strongly attracted to her, it is worth it to exercise control. Then it becomes that much easier to ask her if you can meet up again, maybe for a movie or a dinner date. If the two of them had a good time, she might be the one to suggest that they meet again.

Usually, a casual coffee date paves the way for a meaningful relationship, since there is the opportunity to spend time together. Women have a tendency to be a little slow when it concerns getting involved, unlike most men. So, the best thing for him to do is to match her pace. She'll be okay with having a coffee with him even if she's dating someone else. Point is, when things are easy and comfortable it is better to let them flow naturally.

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