Is a married women flirting with you?


A female relative of mine flirts using body language such as eye contact when her husband is not looking at her. She even laughs at my jokes. What I cant understand is, is she teasing me or is she really interested in me?

At one time while she and her husband were in the same room as me, she adjusted her bra over her tee-shirt. Only I could see her do this adjusting off her bra.

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Although laughing at your jokes can be a sign of flirting, by itself it is just something polite that people can do.

The adjustment of her clothing could also be something innocent or a quick tidy up when her husband is not looking. It really depends how it is done. It means more if she holds eye contact with you while adjusting her clothing. If she does not make eye contact it is quite innocent.

There is always the chance she is flirting with you, but this is often just a game. Some older married women like to prove that they still have was it takes to get a younger man's interest.

Don't be too quick to rule out that she is just bored and it is just something to do.

Really you need to be able to judge her character. Is she the type of girl who would be faithful to her partner? Then she just playing or you are over-analysing. If she is not the fully faithful type, then she could be flirting with a goal in mind.

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