How to be a great kisser

Kissing is a major part of any meaningful intimate relationship, and I can tell you – it almost always decides if the relationship will go any further than kissing or rather, how far it will go! There’s nothing worse than a bad kisser who gives the impression that he is just waiting to get more intimate. A great kisser usually acts as if the kiss is the main thing, there’s really nothing else he cares about and he intends to enjoy every moment of this kiss. That’s the sort of thing women love.

There’s no need for speed

One of the nicest things about an enjoyable kiss is the slow going. It is mandatory to start gently and make it easy to respond to. The man might be raring to show his passion, but he must simply hold himself in check. Both must be turned on enough to take the next step. But back to the kiss, teeth to teeth when face-to-face is a no-no. Just imagine being bruised by that stubble! Pressing his face too close to hers and blocking off her breathing is not a good idea. 

For kissing to be really exciting, the tongue play should be give and take. Both must coordinate in a way that is complementary. In fact, stopping once in a while with lips locked can make it so much more intimate! Eye contact is another thing. It is quite in tune with etiquette to keep the eyes open and look into hers while kissing; this can be quite a turn on.

Touch and feel

Next, what about the hands? Most movies show the hero caressing his partner’s hair and face – heightening the sensation of the kiss. Many women enjoy their hair being gently played with while kissing. There is something quite erotic about it. Women also like to run their fingers through the man’s hair, but not if its laden with hairspray or gel. Ugh! Going natural works every time. 

Some men hold the woman’s face. Softly is great, but not so the woman is uncomfortable and cant move if she wants to. She should be panting because she’s enjoying the kiss, not because she is smothered and wants to break away.

Here are some kissing tips:

There’s nothing worse than bad breath to mess up your kiss - especially if you ate garlic or onions. Always chew a mouth freshening gum or mint so that your mouth stays sweet and she can enjoy your kiss. It’s awful to be a non-smoker and kiss a smoker. So try not to smoke just before kissing. Pay attention to lip care – its not just women whose lips must be soft - this goes for guys as well. 

Monotonous kisses tend to be a drag –she can’t wait to move away. Be intense and gentle in turns, alternate short kisses with long ones and whisper to her. Let your hands move, softly caressing. 

And finally the only way to be a great kisser is with practice. Have fun!

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