Secrets the women do not tell you

You don’t really expect her to tell you everything do you? She doesn’t have to, you know. It is not as if men tell women everything. While honesty is usually the best policy, there are a few secrets you just can’t expect a woman to share with you.  

Sweet little lies

Invariably most women will tell you that whatever they bought for themselves cost less than what they really paid for it. It is because they really don’t want to waste time arguing about why they spent so much on it.

Women might appear to be more emotional than men, and you might think she’s looking for a commitment when you are not ready yet to make one – but the fact is that women are just as scared about commitment as men are. But once committed, they accept it and are happy about it, usually.  And while they are independent too, they love it when you are protective. They love all those little gestures of affection even when they come across as the tough, career-oriented types. The good news is, they also think about sex with their men.

It’s you she cares about

Don’t ever expect your woman to discuss her ex boyfriends and tell you they were lousy lovers. She won’t, simply because they were not! The important part is, they care for you.

Women hate it when you tell them they are like their mothers – they’ll never tell you that – because no matter how much they love their mothers, they do not want to become like them.  So, if you guys plan on making any reference to her mom, or even your mom, perish the thought right now!

This is something women will never admit – but they like it when you turn green, with envy. They like it that it bothers you when another man pays attention to them.  Of course, that doesn’t mean women like it when the men get over-possessive. As much as a woman loves her man, she has her fantasies too. That’s right, she likes to think about other guys. But rest assured that she’d probably never do anything about it.   

Women are far more comfortable sharing all their secrets with their women friends, they tell them things they’d never admit to you. But, here again, they draw the line at the important things like intimate details between the two of you. If you expect your woman to tell you you’re doing a great job around the house, in terms of sharing housework, forget it. It is because men tend to do only half the job. But women understand that, too.

And here’s one the guys are going to love – that is the fact that even though she loves you, she does feel a teeny bit sad that she’ll never feel that exciting romance of a new relationship again! So, guys, no matter how well you like to think you know your woman, she still has those little secrets she’ll never voice to you. It could be something about her family, some problem she had before she met you, or someone she was involved with – she just won’t tell you.

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