Making a great first impression

Its all about how she sees you for the first ever time – and how she feels during those first few moments after you meet, will sent the tone for the rest of your relationship. So you’ll agree that it is very important to make a lasting and great first impression. Most guys are not even aware that they are making a positive impression, since they do it so effortlessly. There are guys who go through their daily routine without knowing that they are making an impression on someone. And women like to watch men who are not going all out to impress them; not consciously, anyway!

So if she’s been watching you at that coffee shop you visit regularly and tries to catch your eye so you can smile at each other, great! She doesn’t mind being approached. BUT – what if that doesn’t happen? Are there things you can do to ensure that you will make a great impression on the woman you want to meet? Sure there are. Lets consider them.

The preparation

Many times, you feel the urge to approach a particular woman because you are irresistibly drawn to her for some reason. And let me tell you, these things happen when you least expect them. So, make sure that what she sees makes a good impression on her. We are talking about your face. Make sure your face is clean – no crust around the eyes, no snot in the nose and no food stuck between your teeth. Does it sound unlikely? You’ll be surprised at how often you can be caught by a pair of beautiful eyes smiling at you when you are desperately trying to dislodge that lettuce stuck in your front teeth! NOT a nice thing. So, no matter how good looking you are, you will not appear attractive if you are not clean. Women can be quite finicky about these things, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I am sure you wouldn’t be that crazy to go out with someone who has unpleasant body odor!

Therefore, after you’ve ensured clean eyes, nose, teeth (and nails of course – your mother was not wrong) put on a natural smile (and dress nicely). Women respond to a smiling face just like anyone else. And smiles are quite infectious.

The approach

Here’s a secret: one of the best approaches when you meet a woman is saying ‘hello’. Seriously. Rather than saying something silly like how beautiful she is (as if she doesn’t know) start with a simple hello or hi. She’ll respond to that every time. Then be casual and ask her something about her self.  It could be something she’s doing right now – where you met her – or related to what she usually does. Then you can probably invite her to join you for a coffee or lunch, depending on how it goes. The good part about this is lunch does not take up as much time as dinner dates and seems more casual.

That’s the key – be casual without being overtly interested. Be confident. First impressions convey a lot to her and that’s what this is all about. 

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