How to bust her balls

The idea of busting her balls is not as violent as it sounds. It is really about about acting like she is an old buddy of yours and showing off your confidence and sense of humour.

Call her names

The easiest way to start is to call her names. Do not even think about names like sweetheart, honey and darling. Your names need to be different from all the other guys and show confidence and that cocky attitude. You need to call her names like:

  • Dork
  • Brat
  • Dude

Criticise her

First find something to mock and criticise her about it. Like something

  • She has said
  • She is wearing (like clashing colours)
  • She did in the past
  • She did when she was drunk (like when SHE spilt drink down her top)

Once you have found something, give an exaggerated response, like an mouth-open, eyebrows-raised look. Another way is to say something that will make her give you a snobbish, mouth-opened, eye-popped out look. Make her tell you "I can't believe you just said that."

Be sensitive

The idea of busting her balls is not to upset her. Do not even think about referring to her weight, or any similar topic that women are sensitive about. In the end you are trying to have a fun time with her, if she can't laugh it off, then think twice before saying it.


Hot women are used to guys being smitten with them. To them, the usual guy is the one that does not look at her above her neck, agrees with everything she says, and gives her what she wants. Hot girls are so bored with guys doing anything for them that they want something new, some type of substance, something different. Give it to them. Tease them about their clothes or their jewellery. Don't be worried about offending them.

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