Teasing with a kiss

When you kiss a girl, she initially expects you to make the first move. You lean in for the kiss and when you are nearly touching her lips, she leans in. This gives the girl a good feeling because you are kissing her.

What guys want is quite the opposite. Guys love the girl to lose control and make the move to kiss. It is not the action of getting kissed by the girl that guys want, rather the fact that the girl wants them enough to initiate it.

Getting a girl into a kissing frenzy

A kissing frenzy is where the girl loses all control and the only thing on her mind is kissing her guy. The best way to cause this is to tease using a series of light kisses.

  • Start by kissing her slowly and very lightly. Do not use any tongue.

  • Gradually kiss her with more intensity, making it seem as if you are loosing control.

  • Give her some tongue and give her french kisses with passion.

  • Pull back.

  • Give her a small peck on the cheek.

  • Pull back again.

If you do this right, she really should want more kisses from you now. Your girl will now proceed to lean in and she will be the one kissing you.

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